Most Romantic Places Near the Best Western Palm Hotel London

1-1-12Whether you are out to spend a leisurely walk, dine in in some fancy restaurants or simply appreciate the magnificent view, London is one country that is sure to captivate your hearts. With its magnificent landmarks, mouthwatering cuisines and rich culture, it is not hard to fall in love with the country, making you want to stay longer.

And while you fall in love with the beauty of London, why not bring your special someone along and make her fall for you as well? It is like hitting two birds with one stone.

Whether it is a simple date or the much awaited proposal, ask your special someone out and bring her to the most romantic places from the best Western Palm Hotel London. Expect a memorable quality time and make her dream date come true.

London Eye

Ah, the London Eye. Who would not want a ride in the tallest Ferris wheel in Europe? Let alone a ride with your special someone?

Your trip to London won’t be complete without experiencing a ride in the London Eye. Gaze at the amazing view of the River Thames in the Southbank from atop the Ferris wheel as you spend quality time with your special someone.

You can even hire a private capsule if you want to spend the night with just the two of you. Romantic, right? What more, it might be a better idea to finally ask her to spend the rest of her life with you. Surely she will say yes.

Hyde Park

Another good dating spot near the hotels in North Londonis the Hyde Park. It is one of the largest parks you can visit in London, offering lots of fun activities for lovers and single people alike.

You can have a romantic boat ride on The Serpentine or even splash around the pool. There is also a diverse wildlife in the Hyde Park where you can embrace the flora and fauna and be one with nature.

Primrose Hill

Spend some time with your special someone as you gaze at the breathtaking views in Primrose Hill.

If you are on a stiff budget or simply not a fan of fancy restaurants, a mere picnic in Primrose Hill is enough to make a memorable experience with her. Who knows, you can also spot famous celebrities she might be a fan of like Harry Styles or Gwen Stefani.

St. Paul’s Cathedral

If you want to experience romance ignited by history, literature and art, then consider visiting the St. Paul’s Cathedral.

This centuries-old Anglican Church is the epitome of strength and grandeur. Inside, you and your special someone will definitely be stunned by its vaulted ceilings and domes, with its magnificent structure and beauteous form.

The St. Paul’s Cathedral also houses the Whispering Gallery, where both of you can still hear each other’s sweet whispers while standing on opposite sides of the dome.

Greenwich Park

Hold hands with your special someone as you take a stroll up the hill of Greenwich Park. Whether you are there to take a picnic or gaze at the magnificent skyline, the place is a great spot to get all mushy and exchange sweet moments with one another.

Once you reach the Royal Observatory, the views of the city will surely inspire romance and expect a passionate kiss as you indulge in this surreal bliss.

There are definitely tons of perfect dating spots nearthe Best Western Palm Hotel London, but wherever you take your special someone, always remember that the place you choose will only set the mood for a romantic vibes. It is still up to the both of you to enjoy the moment and make precious memories while staying in London.