Get Chance to Enjoy Your Holiday at Green Village Hotel in Puri

1-17Green hotels are environmentally friendly accommodation where owners are committed to conservation efforts and to improving everybody’s life, who enters the facility. Green service strategies protect the health of staff and guests by utilizing non-toxic cleaning products, eliminating fumes, odor and toxins in the air and on any item that may be touched. The foods served in green hotels are totally fresh, organic to avoid hormones, preservatives and chemical free.

Here are number of methods utilized atgreen village hotel in Puri to become ecofriendly  and conserve energy, water and waste as a responsible brand at the spiritual capital of Odisha.

Energy Saving Measures by green village hotel in Puri:

• Replacing older heating and air conditioning machines with new energy saving and environmentally friendly HVAC systems

• Leaving cards in rooms that ask guests, if they are willing to save energy by using towels and sheets more than once

• Install solar panels to heat hotel common areas , indoor pools and Jacuzzis

• Use energy saving light-bulbs

• Installation of  ceiling fans

• Install skylights to use natural lighting, to avoid lighting during the daytime

• Use motion sensors for lights in public restroom, work-out facilities and meeting rooms

• Using “Lights, T.V. and HVAC Off” cards in rooms to prompt guests to turn off lights, television and air-conditioning before leaving room

• Make use of roof tiles that reflect sunlight to keep the hotel cool, reducing the need for air conditioning.

Water Saving Methods by green village hotel in Puri

• Less-flow showerheads and toilets

• Serve drinking water in restaurants on request only

• Toilet tank fill water diverters that decrease water use by almost a gallon per flush

• Placing “Water Conservation” cards in bathrooms to remind guests of best water preservation practices.

General Measures of green village hotel in Puri to avoid wasting resources

• Shampoo and soap dispensers that provide a limited amount of product by pushing a buttonthat helps minimize the quantity of solid soaps and bottled shampoos.

• Using recycling items

• Placing recycling baskets in guest rooms

Traveler’s Worldwide Prefer green village hotel in Puri

In addition to being good for the environment, green hotels are vastly preferred by travels compared to traditional, non-ecofriendly hotels. One of such green village hotel in Puri is Toshali Sands resort, situated at Puri-Konark marine drive near Balighai beach. Must book your rooms here and get the chance to enjoy a great holiday at this eco-friendly resort in Puri.